Monday, January 14, 2013

My Sketch

 Siang muggle readers ^^
 Aku bingung mau ngepost apa.. Mau review film 5cm sama Habibie&Ainun lagi males  

      So.. I will show you(kayak lagunya Ailee saja)  about my cartoon /sketch or whatever the named        

Sketsa ini aku pesan di kakak kelasku untuk  hadiah ulang tahun my best friend-Romlah ^^
Maybe..if you're interest with his sketch.. you can order with him via facebook  or via twitter .
He calls himself a digital painter .

                                                       AND THIS IS ORIGINAL PHOTO                                                  


 One More My Sketch from Lovely Sister,

                                                       AND THIS IS ORIGINAL PHOTO                                                  

I think the sketches better than the original photo..hahaha :D

Thank you for your read. your comment is very meaningful..


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